Photo Gallery

Great Grey Owl by BK Thompson

Many of our registrants not only watch the birds, but they take wonderful pictures of them.

We’ve had so many excellent bird photographs sent to us for the blog that we’ve had to break our Photo Gallery into four separate pages. This allows us to include more pictures, sorted by seasons.  See the links under “Photo Gallery”.



2 thoughts on “Photo Gallery

  1. Wes Wapple

    On Oct.24/10 I saw a Blue Jay sized bird perched in my Crabapple tree in Lakeview. It was shaped like a blue jay, but was gray with black checks from head to tail, like a ladder back woodpecker, but with vertical checks. It also had a redish orange throat. I believe it’s mate was in the area. I went through my bird book twice, but still don’t know what it is? do you? Thanks.

    • birdscalgary

      Is there any chance it could have been a sapsucker? Either the yellow-bellied or the red-naped may fit that description, but I can’t think of anything else.

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