Mammals of Calgary

The following mammals were reported by competitors in 2010, within the city limits.

1. White-tailed Deer

2. Mule Deer

3. Coyote

4. American Beaver

5. Common Muskrat

6. Common Porcupine

7. White-tailed Jackrabbit

8. Eastern Gray Squirrel

9. Red Squirrel

10. Northern Flying Squirrel

11. Richardson’s Ground Squirrel

12. Long-tailed Weasel

13. Moose

14. Striped Skunk

15. Least Chipmunk

16. Snowshoe Hare

17. Common Raccoon

18. House Mouse

19. Thirteen-lined Ground Squirrel

20. Red-backed Vole

21. American Mink

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