Prizes & Sponsors

The following people give a hoot, and have donated prizes or services to Birds Calgary 2010.  All prizes have now been awarded.

Robert Bateman Robert Bateman Print donated by the artist
Gus Yaki 18 ft Kevlar canoe with life jacket, paddles (used – good as new)
David Lilly Photography Course, Value $ 200
Dr. John Price 29″ x 40″, silver framed John James Audubon Print of Long-billed curlew
Gus Yaki Book The FAN Field Guide to Alberta Birds
One pair of adult’s skis
One pair of child’s skis
Don Stiles Day and/or 1/2 day banding bluebirds
Day and/or 1/2 day banding bluebirds
Book Silence of the Songbirds, Bridget Stutchbury
Jan Rosender Book Canadian Birds, Bruce Obee
Deluxe notebook
Portable folding stool
Co-op 100% recycled material shopping bag
300 page Hilroy notebook
Stuffed Cerulean warbler toy
Stuffed American robin toy
Carved wooden bird
Small wooden box decorated with toucan
Fridge magnet decorated with Bananaquits from Trinidad
Drink coaster decorated with birds
Laughing Kookaburra suncatcher
Joanne Jamieson Sketchbook
George Miranda Book Hawks in Flight, Pete Dunne, David Sibley, and Clay Sutton
Canada Post Corp Folding padded, portable chair with carrying case
Ball cap
T shirt
T shirt
Small Binoculars
Fairplay Stores Ornamental birdhouse
Wild Bird Store Book Nature Scape Alberta, Myrna Pearman & Ted Pike, 2000
Pat Bumstead Book Canadian Feathers, Pat Bumstead 2001
Book Canadian Feathers, Pat Bumstead 2001
Book The Art of Birdwatching, Pat Bumstead
Book The Art of Birdwatching, Pat Bumstead, 2004
Plush bald eagle toy 12″
Gillian Story Book World of Birds, Fisher & Petersen, after 1969
Book The Sibley Guide to Birds, David Allen Sibley
Book Birds of America, T Gilbert Pearson ed, 1936
Book Field Guide to the Birds of North America, Nat Geo Soc, 1987
Book Field Guide to the Birds East of the Rockies, R.T Peterson, 1980
Book Field Guide to Western Birds, R.T Peterson, 1960
Book Guide to the Birds of Alaska, Robert Armstrong, 1980
Book Birds of Alberta, Jim R & W Ray Salt, 1976
Book Birder’s Guide to Oregon, J Evanich, 1990
Book Wild America, R.T Peterson & James Fisher, 1956
Book Driftwood Valley, Theordora Stanwell-Fletcher, 1946
Book British Columbia Wildlife Viewing Guide, Bill Wareham et al, 1991
Book North With The Spring, Edwin W Teale, 1951
Book Journey Into Summer. Edwin W Teale, 1960
Book Autumn Across America, Edwin W Teal, 1956
Book Wandering Through Winter, 1965
Book Guide to Field Identification of Trees of NA, Frank Brockerman, 1965
Book Alaska Wildflowers, Ada White Sharples, 1938
Ray & Kathy Huene Folding, portable stools
Folding, portable stools
Barry McVicar Labelled rock & mineral collections
Labelled rock & mineral collections
Massive specimen 20 kilo Magnesite crystal
Specimen Rose Quartz
Book Rocks & How They Were Formed, H.W. Zim 1961
Mike Mulligan Book Hummingbirds, John Gould 1990 – Coffee Table size
Book Original Water Colour Paintings, J J Audubon 1966 – Coffee Table size
Book A Sand County Almanac, Aldo Leopold 1977 – Coffee Table size
Books Ducks of Canada J Gooders, T Boyle, B Mitchell 1986 – Coffee Table size
Book Audubon Encyclopedia of NA Birds, J Terres, 1980 – Coffee Table size
Book The Bedside Book of Birds, An Avian Miscellany, Graeme Gibson 2005
Book Guide to Birds of Alaska, Robert Armstrong, 1990
Book Life on Earth, David Attenborough 1979
Book Birding Around The World, Aileen Lotz, 1987
Book Master Guide to Birding #2 Gulls to Dippers, J Farrand, 1983
Book Master Guide to Birding #3 Old World Warblers to Sparrows, J Farrand 1983
Bob Lefebvre Book Field Guide to Birds of East & Central Africa, J Williams, 1963
Book Birdwatching Tips, Techniques & Equipment, J Venner
Book Golden Guide Birds of North America, C Robbins 1983
Book Sibley Field Guides to Birds of Western North America
Book Down & Dirty Birding, Joey Slinger 1996
Book 1100 Questions & Answers About the Natural World, J Green 2004
Book Summer Bird Feeding, John Dennis, 1988
Nimali Seneviratne Book Birds of Sri Lanka: A Photographic Guide, G De Silva, 2000
John & Linda Stewart Book The Bedside Book of Birds, An Avian Miscellany, Graeme Gibson 2005
Book The Art of Ornithology, Jonathon Elphick, 2004
Anonymous Wooden bird feeders, make in school woodworking class
Wooden bird feeders, make in school woodworking class
Book Feeding Wild Birds in Winter, Clive Dobson, 1981
Book The Bird Feeding Book, Thom Boswell, 1993
Book The Joys of a Garden For Your Birds, Rupert Barrington, 1971
Brooke Clibbon & Eric Tull 1 heavy duty Manfrotto 3130 tripod with quick release head
1 light weight OPT 155 tripod with quick release head and level
1 light weight model HHEIWA tripod
1 deluxe Spinal Articulation System backpack
Sandy Annesley Book Silence of the Songbirds, Bridget Stutchbury, 2007
Chris & Ken Havard Book, The Audubon Society Field Guide to NA Birds, Western Region 1977
Book, A field Guide to the Birds of E & Central Africa, 1963
Book, Tales of a Low-rent Birder, Pete Dunne, 1986
Book & CD, The Art of Pishing, Pete Dunne, 2006
Book, Audubon’s Birds of America, G Griscom, 1950
Book, Heaven is Near the Rocky Mountains, T Woolsey, H Dempsey, 1989
Book, How Birds Migrate, Paul Kerlinger, 1995
Book, Where to Watch Birds in Spain, E de Juana, 1994
Book, Birds of the Saskatoon area, Sask Nature Soc 2002
Book, British Wild Birds, Brian Grimes, 1988
Book, Canadian Birds, B Obee, 1993
Dick & Lenore Flynn Book Ducks of Canada & the Northern Hemisphere, Gooders & Boyer 1969
Hooded Merganser 34 x 41 cm print by J Fenwick Landsdowne
American Oystercatchers 34 x 41 cm print by J Fenwick Landsdowne
Wilson’s Snipe 34 x 41 cm print by J Fenwick Landsdowne
Bohemian Waxwing 34 x 41 cm print by J Fenwick Landsdowne
Scarlet Tanager 34 x 41 cm print by J Fenwick Landsdowne
Penny Borrowman 1 used  pair of Nikon Travelite 111, 8 x 25 mm binoculars
Debbie Cole-Gauer 1 new pair of Tasco 10 x 25 mm binoculars and cloth case
Jacob Farkas Bird Trivia board game
Marg Oliver Book Raven’s End by Ben Gadd, Autographed, Sierra Club Books 2002
Graham Davis Ultra Identifier, hand held with voice & photos of 120 bird sp
Andrew Hart Panasonic Lumix digital camera with telephoto extender, 12X zoom


New Prizes Donated for the Third and Fourth Quarters:

Books Donated by Ken and Chris Havard:

A Season of Birds, A Norfolk Diary 1911, A & W Publishers, 1980, HC.

A Guide to the Birds of East Africa (A novel), Nicholas Drayson, Viking, 2008, SC.

Wild America, R.T. Peterson/James Fisher, Houghton Mifflin, 1955, SC.

Kingbird Highway, Kenn Kaufman, Houghton Mifflin, 1997. HC .

Nature Scape Alberta, Myrna Pearman/Ted Pike, RDRN, 2000, SC.

The Alberta Badlands, Brian Noble/Glenn Rollans, Reidmore Book, 1981, HC

Loons, Aubrey Long/Wayne Lynch, Discovery Books, 1989, HC.

AB Birds, 1971-1980, Vol.1&2, HW.Pinel, WW.Smith,CR Wershler, Prov.Museum,1993, SC.

Along the Dempster, Walter Lanz, Oak House Pub. 1990, SC.

The Backyard Bird Feeder’s Bible, Sally Roth. Rodale, 2000, HC.

The Birds of Alberta, Salt & Salt, Hurtig Publ. 1976. HC.

Travel & Site Guide to Birds of Costa Rica, AD Sekerak, Lone Pine, 1996. SC

Small Strawberry-shaped Hummingbird Feeder.

Small Western Cedar Bird House.

Donated by Rob Worona:

1 Mother Nature’s Monitor, M010. Hear sounds in your backyard, via FM Radio.

1 The Great N. Am. Bird Watching Trivia Game.

Books Donated by Don Magnusson:

Birding for the Amateur Naturalist, Laura O’Biso Socha, Globe Pequot Press, 1989. SC.

A Field Guide to Your Own Back Yard, John Hanson Mitchell, WW Norton & Co.1985. SC.

Watching Birds: An Intro. to Ornithology, Roger F. Pasquier, Houghton Mifflin, 1977. SC.

New Generation Guide, Birds of Britain & Europe, Christher Perrins, Collins, 1987. HC

Return to Wild America, Scott Weidensaul, North Point Press, 2005, SC.

Birder’s Life List & Diary, Rev. Ed., Cornell Lab. of Ornithology, 1986. Coil. SC.

Bird Watching – My Bird Journal, Coil. HC.

The Backyard Bird Watcher, Geo. H. Harrison, Simon & Schuster, 1979. SC.

To See Every Bird on Earth, Dan Koeppel, Hudson St. Press, 2005, HC.

Audubon Life List Journal, Nat. Audubon Soc. 1999. HC.

Feeding Wild Birds in Winter, Clive Dobson, Firefly Books, 1989, HC.

The Joys of A Garden for your Birds, Rupert Barrington, Grosset & Dunlop, 1971, HC.

The Birds of Alberta, Salt & Wilk, Queen’s Printer, 1958. HC.

Book Donated by George Miranda:

Photographic Guide to Birds of Australia, Peter Rowland

Donated by Howard Heffler:

Audubon bird clock: plays one of twelve different bird songs each hour.

Donated by Pat Harvey:

The Atlas of Breeding Birds of Alberta, Glen P. Semenchuck, 1992.

Alberta Birds, 1971-1980, Vol 1. Non-Passerines, Harold W. Pinel et al.

Alberta Birds, 1971-1980, Vol 2. Passerines, Harold W. Pinel et al.

Dana Longway, Buzz Inc: Strategic & Creative Design, Artwork on logo $750
TERA Environmental Consultants, Word processing, flyer design $100
CopyCo Inc, Photo copying, $30
Jim Donohue, Westbourne Electric, Printing promotional posters for schools
Graeme Connell, MinuteMan Press, Printing business cards & posters
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