Bird Competition Results

Congratulations to all birders who participated in our year-long bird count! We hope you had a lot of fun, and met some new birds and birders along the way.

The total number of bird species reported within the city limits was 262. We used the Calgary area check list which has 369 species, so that leaves 107 species that were not reported.

The highest individual count was reported by Michael Harrison, who racked up an amazing 240 species. There were another five participants with a count of over 200.

The committee unanimously picked the Oct 22 sighting of an Anna’s Hummingbird as the Bird of the Year, reported by Katrina Lybbert and family.   This is only the sixth or seventh record ever of an Anna’s Hummingbird in Alberta. It was first seen on October 22 by Gilbert Lybbert in their yard in Braeside SW. It was also seen by his mother Katrina that day, and it returned again on October 23. On October 25 and 26 it was again sighted by the Lybberts, and several other Calgary birders also managed to see it at that time. It was observed feeding on a honeysuckle bush in a neighbour’s yard. The final sighting of presumably the same bird wasn’t until three weeks later, on November 16, the day after the first big snowfall of the winter.

The winner of the photography contest was Brian Elder, with his outstanding picture of a Willet in flight.

Second place went to Ken Johnson for his remarkable Red-breasted Nuthatch photo.

Third place went to 13 year old Matthew Sim who captured this stunning Bohemian Waxwing.

Winners in Other Categories:

Michael Harrison, overall winner and first in Non-motorized Transport (NMT) birding


Michael Harrison – 240 species

Colin Young – 238

Tony Timmons – 222


Linda Bailey – 204

Cindy & Dan Parliament  – 175

Ed Kissinger – 172


Susan Konopnicki – 142

Colin Young, second in Advanced Category and second NMT

Louise Moreau and Michael Geldorp – 120

Vic Urban – 62

Non-motorized Travel


Michael Harrison – 240

Colin Young – 234

Bill Wilson – 209


Andrew Hart – 95

Tony Timmons, third place in the Advanced Category

Linda Bailey  – 86

Bob Lefebvre – 78

NMT Youths:

Matthew Sim – 107

Jacob Farkas – 37

Youth Categories


Katie Donahue – 146

Reggie Lybbert – 85


Linda Bailey, first in the Intermediate Category

Matthew Sim – 151

Jacob Farkas – 103

Gilbert Lybbert – 96


Jarom Lybbert – 72

Lucianna Lybbert – 69

Stephanie Sim – 48

Yard List:

Sim family – 81

Susan Konopnicki, first in the Novice Category

Linda Bailey – 68

Brian Elder – 64

David Sim & family, winner of the Yard List Category
The Lybbert Family, winner of Bird of the Year
Bill Wilson, a special award for the conception of a Non-motorized Transport Category
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